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An Overview of lifelines

Lifelines small groups are an integral part of the mission of our church: Connect – Build – Reach. “Build” accurately reflects what our small groups are all about.

First, we intend to build community. At Farmington Heights, we build community through our small groups. It is during our time spent with others engaging in life and sharing experiences that we foster this sense of community. Next, we strive to build disciples. We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the fertile soil of the Word mixed with meaningful personal relationships. In other words, when we build community we are better able to build disciples.

lifelines small groups help us accomplish these goals through several areas of emphasis: providing an opportunity for individuals to fellowship and connect with others; helping people to focus on disciplines important to their spiritual journey; and fostering development of people’s talents, gifts and abilities.  Group participation is open to everyone – members, non-members – and is the most effective way to get connected and plugged in to Farmington Heights.

Our small groups follow a semester format, meeting for regular weekly meetings during a three-month period. Each semester is preceded by a one-month period designated as “Signup Month” during which you may join a group for the upcoming semester. Our yearly schedule is as follows:

Winter Semester

December – Signup month
January through March – groups meet

Spring Semester

April – Signup month
May through July – groups meet

Fall Semester

August – Signup month
September through November – groups meet

Groups meet all through the week at different times to accommodate peoples’ schedules. Each group follows a specific topic or study for the entire semester, covering a variety of subjects such as marriage and family, personal finances, Bible study, basic Christianity, and other topics related to personal spiritual growth. Additionally, some groups are designed for specific groups of people: men and women, young adults, married couples, or parents with young children. Some groups are designed for more in-depth study while others are more casual in nature. Individuals are free to choose a group based on the schedule or topic that best meets their needs. The basic format of our small group meetings centers on group discussion and interaction. The group setting provides the environment where members can share their life experiences and help each other in their spiritual journey. The group leader is the facilitator of the process.


If you would like more information, please contact the church office at 252.291.0696, or email us at We look forward to seeing you in a group!